A French Scientist Claims That He Has Discovered An Efficient Therapy For Coronavirus

Antidote For Coronavirus

A French scientist claims that he has discovered an efficient therapy for coronavirus with “outstanding results” claiming “we know how to cure the illness”.

Professor Didier Raoult, who initiated the venture, pitted two teams of 12 coronavirus sufferers towards one another within the exams.

The first group of 12 sufferers acquired the therapy and the second was a management group.

Professor said that the results are encouraging, explaining: “We were able to observe that ninety percent of the patients who had not received Plaquenil were still carriers after six days, whereas when you used Plaquenil, after six days, there are only twenty-five percent of carriers left.”

Didier Raoult also claimed that his “outstanding” outcomes after having completed exams on twenty-four patients present that “we know how to cure the illness”.

At the top of Tuesday’s Council of Ministers, authorities spokesperson Sibeth Ndiaye stated: “Professor Didier Raoult has certainly expressed his want to have scientific trials. These are therapeutic trials that check a drug or a mixture of medicine to remedy the coronavirus.

“There is a scientific test on twenty-four patients that have been carried out and that provides actually promising results. And in a settlement with professor Raoult, the Ministry of Health needed us to have the ability to lengthen this scientific trial.

Ndiaye also said: “As a result of we usually are not dashing to pharmacies to purchase chloroquine now, after we take an excessive amount of, we are able to have penalties. And as a result of we do not have scientific proof at present that it really works.

The use of chloroquine towards the coronavirus was reportedly criticized a number of weeks in the past however now appears to curiosity scientists once more.

Epidemiologist Alexandre Bleibtreu on the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital who had initially criticized the chloroquine therapy seems to have modified his thoughts.

He stated: It’s not the therapy that appears obvious. It labored in vitro however we did not have any in vivo information.

“I believe I used to be fallacious sufficient to alter into a ‘Chloroquinist’ of ‘Raoultian’ descent.

Professor Raoult has appealed to scientists to ask them to hold out a number of exams, saying that nations smaller than France have completed extra exams.

Reports say chloroquine is already recurrently used to combat malaria and is a reasonable therapy.

Other exams might be carried out at Lille Hospital to verify the outcomes of Professor Raoult’s workforce.


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