Galaxy S20 Ultra Users Reporting Overheating and Autofocus Issues

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g

Looks like Samsung is having a tricky time fixing persistent problems on its flagship beast. Several customers on the Samsung community forums have complained about their Exynos-powered Galaxy S20 Ultra affected by autofocus issues and heating issues.

Some forum-goers say the cellphone heats up in seconds while utilizing the camera app. A few have also reported disappointing battery lifetime of about 3.5-Four hours of screen-on time. Several customers also notice that they’re utilizing 4G versions, suggesting that over-heating isn’t due to 5G connectivity.

Needless to say, it’s massively disappointing that Samsung hasn’t been in a position to repair these issues but, particularly when you think about the $1,400 price ticket that the Galaxy S20 Ultra carries. That stated, it’s probable that Samsung will roll out a brand new software program replace to fix these issues within the coming weeks.

Samsung has previously faced criticism for the performance gap between Exynos-powered Galaxy telephones and Snapdragon-powered variants. In fact, some customers have even begun an online petition to express their frustrations.

The company did situation an update just a few weeks back, fixing the auto-focus problem for a few of its handsets. Sadly, once we tested the brand new update, we found that the main target remains to be a bit slow and that the new software program appears to over-sharpen photos.


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