How to Make Gmail Account in 2020 with Easy and Simple Steps?

how to make gmail account

Gmail is a product of Google and the most popular mailing service nowadays. Making of Gmail accounts in 2020 is very simple and easy. In this article I will teach you how to make a Gmail account with easy steps. If you want to make a Gmail account then follow these simple and easy steps.

Go to Google Account Signup Page

google signup form

Enter all the details one by one

a) Enter your First Name and Last Name

b) Choose a username for your google account

If you like to use an existing e-mail address, select the I prefer to use my current email address option situated under the username field. Be aware that the username you select will be the name that others see when you select to use other Google services like YouTube.

c) Enter your password and confirm password

First type the password and in the confirm field again type the same password as you typed in password field. Make sure that you choose a strong password to keep your account safe.

d) Click on next button

After filling all the fields click on the next button for further details.

Now this type of form is open on your screen.

e) Enter your phone number

Select your country flag and after that enter your phone number in the phone number field.

This (Phone number field) is optional so you can skip this field empty if you don’t want to add your phone number.

f) Enter recovery email address

The main benefit of this recovery email is that if you lost your email or password in the future then you can recover your data with the help of this recovery email address.This field is also optional so you can skip this field as empty.

g) Enter your date of birth

Enter your date of birth in the Month, day and year field.

h) Select your gender

Select your gender from gender field.

i) Click on the next button

j) Enter verification code

Enter the verification code that is received by you through google and click on the verify button. This code is only received to those users who enter their phone number.

That’s it your account is created. Enjoy!


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