Mbira: What is the musical instrument featured in Google Doodle?


Google is celebrating Zimbabwe’s nationwide instrument the mbira as a part of Zimbabwe’s Culture Week, with an interactive video that permits anybody to attempt their hand on the distinctive instrument.

The mbira has been performed for over 1,000 years and performs an integral function within the traditions and cultural identity of Zimbabwe’s Shona people.

The instrument, which originated in Southern Africa, is made up of a handheld hardwood soundboard, known as the gwariva and has a collection of skinny metallic keys affixed to its floor.

It is performed by plucking the metallic keys between the thumbs and forefinger, and in consequence, is typically known as the ‘thumb piano’.

Materials comparable to bottle caps or beads might be connected to the instrument to create its signature buzzing sound.

The mbira stays an important cultural emblem of the group as it’s usually performed in a wide range of Shona ceremonies.

This interactive google doodle video on the location’s homepage on 21 May permits gamers to be taught in regards to the instrument by way of the story of a Zimbabwean woman, shedding mild on its wealthy musical historical past.


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