Simple Ways to Make Thousands of Dollars by Making Youtube Videos

Easy and Simple Ways to Make Thousands of Dollars by Making Youtube Videos

YouTube is almost 50 percent of the internet: that’s 1.9 billion visitors logging in every month. But at the same time, five hundred hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

So you already know this post shouldn’t be going to be about how straightforward it’s to purchase a Swiss watch with the advert income out of your YouTube views. (Though when you have tens of millions of views, you could possibly most likely at the least hire one. Wait, don’t.)

And now for some step-by-step directions for making money on YouTube.

How to earn money on YouTube

Become a YouTube Partner

The YouTube Partner Program is how common YouTubers get access to particular options on the platform.

You don’t have to be a partner to earn money on YouTube, however, being a Partner makes it rather a lot simpler.

YouTube Partners have access to a number of earnings streams: not simply adverts, however YouTube Premium subscription charges, and options that faucet your followers’ wallets immediately like Super Chat, channel memberships, and the merchandise shelf.

Step 1. Start a channel

If you don’t know how to create a channel then don’t worry we have written this article ‘How to create a YouTube channel’ for your help.

Step 2. Make your channel successful enough that it meets the YouTube Partner Program necessities

To be part of this system, you want a minimal of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the earlier 12 months.

Step 3. Set up an AdSense account

This is easy. Follow YouTube’s official guide to make AdSense account.

Step 4. Explore your new monetization features

Each monetization channel has completely different eligibility necessities. For instance:

Ad income: to earn ad revenue, you must be at least 18 years old, and you need to create content that is advertiser-friendly. Basically, the less controversial your videos, the extra YouTube advertisers will be comfortable operating advertisements on them, and the more revenue you generate.
YouTube Premium revenue: if a YouTube Premium member watches your video, you get a portion of their subscription charge.
Channel memberships: In order to sell channel memberships to your subscribers (i.e., your subscribers decide in to pay you an extra amount), it’s essential to be at least 18 and have greater than 30k subscribers.
Super Chat funds: if you’d like your subscribers to have the power to pay to have their messages highlighted in your live chats during your live streams, you must be at least eighteen.
Merchandise shelf: In order to promote merch from YouTube’s merchandise shelf, you must have at least eighteen years old and have a minimum of 10k subscribers.

Step 5. Submit to ongoing opinions

As a YouTube Partner, your channel will be held to a better standard, according to YouTube. You should observe not just the YouTube Partner Program policies, but the Community Guidelines. Not to say staying on the proper aspect of copyright regulation.

Sell your personal merchandise

Maybe you establish as a content material creator first and entrepreneur second.

Alternately, you’re an entrepreneur first and video creator second, which implies you most likely have already got a product, and also you’re designing your YouTube advertising technique to promote it.

Either method, merchandise is a viable strategy to earn money from YouTube.

Step 1. Imagine and design your product

Merchandise in your channel is supposed to both signify and feed your viewers’ connection with you. That means your merch must be unique.

One of the most famous Youtuber Ryan Higa launched his energy drink Ninja Melk to leverage the popularity of his viral comedy, Ninja Melk. While he additionally sells t-shirts and different merch from his on-line store, Ninja Melk’s appeal is broad sufficient it has its personal web site.

Step 2. Source and/or construct your product

In most cases, you’ll want a producer, provider or wholesaler to make and deliver your product. Some suppliers will deliver it to you, and a few will spare you the complications of stock, transport, and returns by handling it themselves.

Step 3. Create your store and touchdown web page

You will need a separate web site to deal with purchases. If you need to link it directly from your videos (and also you do), seek advice from YouTube’s list of approved merchandise sites.

Step 4. Enable your YouTube Partner merchandise shelf

YouTube Partners may also use the shelf feature to promote their channel’s merchandise. What are you waiting for follows YouTube’s instructions to enable it if you are eligible.

Step 5. Promote your product in your videos

This is where your charm comes in. Wear or use your merch in your videos. Feature viewers who’ve purchased and are utilizing it.

License your content material to the media

If you happen to create a viral video with mass attraction—say, a funny clip featuring your cat—you may license your content material in exchange for money.

TV news retailers, morning shows, online news sites, and different creators may reach out about the rights to make use of your videos if they occur to go viral.

You may also list your videos in a market, similar to Juken Media, where your content material will probably be easier for the right people to search out and buy.



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